Mostly Texas Composers Concert

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Performance date(s):

Palmetto Center for the Arts

Wednesday/March 30, 2022  at 7:30 pm

4101 Wiseman Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78251

Program features: Mark Francis, Guitar Concerto No. 2; Ray Tamez, Guitar soloist

Free admission/Free parking


Tuesday/March 29, 2022 at 7:30 pm

The Josephine Theater-Lounge

339 W. Josephine St., San Antonio, TX 78212

Program features: Loussier Concerto for Violin, Percussion and Orchestra;

Jose Flores, violin  & Robert Saenz, percussion

Free parking

Ticket information: (210) 734-4646

Doors open at 7:00

Bar open at 7:00

For more information, please visit the Facebook event page.

Music of Edna Alejandra Longoria, Barry Brake & Joel Love

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NVC Music Fest 2018